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Learn at your own pace. Then become certified. We work closely with our employment partners to be certain your new skills are up to standard. Learning may be challenging at times, but your access to meaningful, accessible courses and skills should not be. Join us at CareerNet, a true Career Network!

Career Builders

Once you have prepared your profile and selected a career path, the next steps toward your first job is to be certain you have the skills necessary to obtain a first position in the industry within which you seek to build a career. We have them right here, certified and accredited, selected by our company partners so you know they are important and valuable. 

Trainers, Teachers

Prepare  profile. Next we will contact you to gain a better understanding of your training solutions, help you modify them and upload them. Your content and training materials have value, not only to our students, but to other training professionals seeking to build their offerings. With  a growing number of career and job seekers in our career network, we make a world class team!

Spotlight Skill Example:

Here is an introductory video to our learning system from a course by former Royal Air Force (RAF) training specialist Kieth Whitfield. 

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"The modules felt bite sized, easy to follow, engaging and topped off my entry skills."
Simone Neely
"Employers I pursued wanted english speaking employees. CareerNet offered a few options for me. I succeeded and Employers trust my results! I began my new job at a higher position too!"
Paras Shah
Sales and Marketing
"I wanted to switch jobs and needed a place to catch up with my peers while still working full time. CareerNet had the solution, the certification and the job offers all in one place!""
RonNY Andrews
"I wanted to apply to College, but my math skills were behind and I have a full time job too. CareerNet courses put me in place to apply and matched me with a great university for a 4 year degree."
LizZy Whelan
Undergraduate Student